…on laughing at women who wear coverings

This started after seeing a Taliban dating site ad that was supposed to be humorous – all the photos had women in burqa  with headlines like ‘No More Beatings Please…’ ‘Bring Some Light Into My Life…’ ‘R U A Terrorist With a Heart…’  all of them have details that say Occupation: Not allowed  Income: Not Allowed  Hobbies: Not Allowed
And then the comments begin… They must be the dumbest people, They really are a joke, pigs in a poke never know what you’re going to get, so many potato sacks so little time, never know what it is until you get it in bed…

There were a significant number of comments, many of the harshest from women, referring to them as it (seriously?), and only one other than my own in defense of these women. While I don’t agree with or understand these coverings I also choose not to further assault them.

I am all for political and yes even religious satire but this is just cruelty, thinly veiled as humor. It is crass and displays a level of ignorance that leaves me speechless… Humor & wit, those are clearly missing. These women are treated like little more than pets or property and yet these people choose to add to the indignity by mocking them and questioning their intelligence – who are the truly pathetic?

Yet, these same women can go through security at airports without having to be subjected to the same treatment the rest of us. It is inconceivable to me that they choose to wear their burqa, a symbol of inferiority, in the USA, to be treated like property of their husbands, by choice. Seeing them shopping, for cosmetics – baffling.

But our laws allow the airport thing and should not. As for them choosing the burqa or hijab… when you are raised in any abusive environment and brainwashed from birth to believe that this is “right” not only in the eyes of your friends, family and countrymen but in Gods eyes… it takes a very strong will to stand up to it. Also, I can not believe than some Muslim men don’t treat their sisters, wives, and daughters with respect… encourage the girls, women they love to think, to excel, to make their own choices…

I find it so upsetting to see any young girl in that environment – knowing what they are going to go through. I just think it is weak sh!t to laugh at them. Feels too much like bullying someone defenseless… kicking a bird with a broken wing… how do you feel empowered by that? Look at the girls we know about who try to stand up against it – “honor” killings, by their own families no less… just so sad. It is very easy to call it choice from where we sit – we should remember to be grateful and make sure to fight against EVERY attempt to curb our rights, or God forbid recognize sharia law in our courts.

Have a judgement free day…

#BurkaOrBurqa #CoveredWomen #WhatMakesItFunny


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